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Graphic time line - Tom (UK) - 10-23-2000


In idle moments after work I made up the following graphic time line. It has hleped me alot in understanding what HP were doing when.

If the word wrap destroys the chart I can send the text file to the museum if anyone is that bothered. I have marked the original end of each line with a 'q'.

Feedback welcomed.

Key: HPxx RPN calc

Hpxx Mixed

hpxx Non RPN :-(

\76/ Year (with 4 quarters)

Note: This may not be accurate, I obtained the dates from the museum pages for each calc. Someone could improve it I'm sure. Dave: Any space in the museum for such a chart?

Graphic HP28C<-----HP28S----> <Hp49G>>q

High/prog <---HP65---> <---------HP41C--------> <-----------HP42S---------->q

Med/prog <-HP55-><-HP29C><-----HP34C----> <---HP32S--><--------------HP32Sii-------------->>>>q
<-HP25C> <-----HP33C---->q

Med <---HP45---><-HP27-><-------HP32E------> <---HP27S-->q

Low <---HP35---><---HP21---><-HP31E> <-HP10C>q

Printing <---HP46---><---HP91--->q
Graphic <-HP18C><-HP19B><-------Hp19Bii------->>>>q

High/Prog <---HP38E-->q

Med <------HP80--------><-------HP37E------> <-hp17B><-------HP17Bii------->>>>q
<---HP22---> <------------------------HP12C----------------------------->>>>q

Low <HP70> <----------hp10b---------->>>>q

Printing <-HP81->????????????q

Watch <---HP01--->q

Re: Graphic time line - ERROR! - Tom (UK) - 10-23-2000


The 'remove unwanted spaces' function has totaly screwed up my chart. Dave - delete if you want. I could add '_' characters to stop it. Anyone interested in this file?

Tom (UK)

Re: Graphic time line - Greg Harris - 10-23-2000

Hey, I Like it,
but the presentation could be better ;-)
This is of value if it could be shown better.

Re: Graphic time line - Viktor Toth - 10-23-2000


If you read the 'advanced formatting techniques' blurb here, you'll find that you'll be able to send preformatted text by enclosing it between a [pre: and a ]. For instance:

[pre:This is a line...
and another, indented with 8 spaces.]

(To include square brackets so that they actually appear, precede them with a backslash, like this: \[.)