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HP 12c Manual Revisions - bill platt - 10-08-2004

Hi all 12c collectors ;-|

As Luiz and Randy have pointed out in the past, there are many different internal revisions to the 12c hardware.

I have also noticed that there are a number of revisions to the Manuals, too.

Does anyone know of a compilation of this information?

The manual revisions are also of more general interest across all HP calculators---For instance, to make sure that a particular unit in a collection, has the manual appropriate to its serial number.

I know this is rather arcane minutiae---yet I suppose we are bound to move in this direction as we dig ever deeper in to the art of "collecting" rather than merely using these machines.

Best regards,

Bill Platt

my first name can be concatenated with the "at" sign and the word "plattdesign" followed by net, in order to construct my email.

or go to http://plattdesign.net and find it there

Edited: 8 Oct 2004, 10:28 a.m.

Re: HP 12c Manual Revisions - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 10-08-2004

Hi, Bill;

I mostly agree with your concerns because of the fact that the HP12C has been under production for such a long time. And you started the test with a "Hi all 12C collectors!", and for a collector, you pointed out a very important issue.

I have at least four HP12C prints: two in English and two in Portuguese, but they are not with me now. Late, when I'm home, I'm posting their related information, O.K.? Maybe we can track them down.

I guess in how many languages is this manual available...


Luiz (Brazil)

Re: HP 12c Manual Revisions - Gordon Dyer - 10-11-2004

Since there is interest, here are the revisions of my 12C manuals:

Owners Handbook 00012-90001

Rev. F English USA 5/84 Book bound

Rev. H English Canada 4/86 Spiral bound (poor quality paper)

Edition 1 English Canada 7/87 Spiral bound

Solutions Handbook 00012-90009

Rev. D English USA 10/84 Spiral bound