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different magnetic cards - Ronald - 10-08-2004


I have a big problem. I have a lot of magnetic cards, but do not know which belongs to which calculator:

I have two short cards: one is devided in 5 small parts with small lines, the other card has a simle line instead of the division of 5. Can you help me? Which is for HP-41, HP-65, HP-67/97, HP-71?

The long cards are for the HP-75C/D I know

Re: different magnetic cards - David Smith - 10-08-2004

The HP65/67/97/41 cards are all compatible (but not the programs written on them). The ones with the 5 little divisons were old style HP65 cards. Later they went to the undivided cards. The HP41 reader can usually translate and run HP67/97 programs but not HP65 programs.

Re: different magnetic cards - Roland - 10-08-2004

Thanks a lot... David

I also sayw that the 71/75 cards are identical..

Re: different magnetic cards - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 10-08-2004


if you have the HP41 card reader (HP82104A) attached to an HP41, you can use the VER function and check the following:

for HP41 programs, they can be type A (all), D (data), P (program) or S (status). In this case, the card # is shown.

for HP67/97 ptrograms, VER returns type 7 (I´m not sure about other information, I think this is all)

The HP41 system does not read HP65 cards.

And you are correct: the HP71 and HP75 share the same cards. If I am not wrong, only HP75 standard program and data cards can be read in an HP71. Program cards from the HP71 that contain HP71-only functions not available in the HP75 will not work (the cards are read, data is loaded but generates error messages if handled). In some circumstances, HP71 cards can be used with an HP75. I know I tested some, but I did not went to an 'in-deep' research. Sorry!

Not much of a help, but may lead you to better experimentation.


Luiz (Brazil)