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Isn´t it crazy? - Matthias - 10-08-2004

Have a look at the following auction:


THIS is really crazy! A clonix from Diego (with programmer and adaper ok) and a manual of the famous CDD module (no module).
I´m gonna be a rich man tonight when I kick my Clonix modules on ebay...

Daniel, you are a lucky guy, but "i mag´s dr gönne".


yes, but ... - Seller - 10-08-2004

... as a compulsive collector yourself, you've been spending many, many thousands of dollars/euros on vintage HP stuff, including cardboard boxes...

People are selling this kind of stuff at $400+, because people like you are buying it. No offense intended - just an observation.

Re: yes, but ... - Matthias - 10-08-2004

Yes, but this is not a original module, the image is free and the manual is not worth $300, isn´t it?


Re: Isn´t it crazy? - Vassilis Prevelakis - 10-09-2004

The expression about selling somebody a bridge did not appear out of nowhere, suckers are born every day.

At least it allows people to get back some of the money they spend on their vintage collections.

Does anybody have the heart to tell the lucky buyer? :-)