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HP-97 (Diagnostic) Program Question - Olaf - 09-23-2004

Hi, I have a HP-97 incl. all cards from the standard pac but the diagnostic card sd-15 is missing.
In the service manual there is a listing on page C-4 but in row (register ?) 005 there is a instruction which i dont know what it should be... it looks like "C53"...
Does anyone know which instruction this should be ?!

And another problem i have is with the program "Factors & Primes". Several Times in the program listings there is a function "X!=Y?". Which keycode does this have on the hp-97 ??
Only function which looks similar is "X=Y?"

I would appreciate any help ! :-)



Re: HP-97 (Diagnostic) Program Question - Olaf - 09-23-2004

Okay, i found the answer to the "x!=Y?" question by myself :-)
How dumb... its just x not equal to y..

But i still dont know what those "C53" should be...

Re: HP-97 (Diagnostic) Program Question - Victor - 09-23-2004

In the HP-67 diagnostic listing, step number 5 is CF3. On the HP-97, you would get this by pressing f, CLF (on the GTO key), and 3.

Re: HP-97 (Diagnostic) Program Question - Olaf - 09-25-2004

Thanks a lot!