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For Eric Smith - Klaus - 09-14-2004

Hi Eric,

I can´t get nonpareil o run on my system (Redhat 8). It compiles, but doesn´t run (Writes an "A" to the console and hangs). Nsim doesn´t work,too. (Seems to have a problem reading the microcode).
So I ask you: Can you please eMail me a trace of the HP41-startup?

Thank you! Klaus

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nonpareil - Jonathan Purvis (New Zealand) - 09-14-2004

I have the same problem with nonpareil. The only thing i can find that causes it is having a version of gtk and/or glib older than the one Eric uses. Upgrading to the latest versions of gtk and glib worked for me, so you could try that (though i'm not sure if there are .rpm files of newer versions available for RedHat 8)

Re: nonpareil - Klaus - 09-16-2004

Hello Jonathan!

I just need a description of what the simulator does. Perhaps you can help me. For nsim, it is sufficient to start the program with:

nsim -trace >out.txt

All I need should be in out.txt!

I would be happy if you could help me (Can´t wait to hold a rebuilt HP-41 in my hands)!

Thanks, Klaus

Re: nonpareil - Jonathan Purvis (New Zealand) - 09-16-2004

I've emailed you the result of that command. I'm not sure what trouble you were having with the ROM, buti made one in the correct format from hp41cv.obj in Nonpareil by doing:

sed -e 's/:/ /' -e 's/$/ /' < hp41cv.obj > ~/nsim.rom