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33S "positive button" feels?? - kc - 09-03-2004

The HP33S has a positive button feel. You can feel the key is pressed down and come up again. BUT I have several experience that "positive button feels results in negative output!" I pressed a button, and nothing was seen in the screen. That might be my problem, since I'm still not familier with the awkward chevron keyboard, and occasionally I'll press a key out of its proper position (or maybe I don't really know the proper position of each key), but who else has ever used such a calculator keyboard?

I don't know whether anyone of you have also such an experience. I never have any key pressing problems with my 32sii and 42s.


Re: 33S "positive button" feels?? - Jeff O. - 09-03-2004


The behavior you describe was (is?) common to the 49g+. However, there were no widespread reports of such behavior on the 33S keyboard. Most users seemed satisfied with the feel of the buttons and the response to keypresses. (Response to the look of the keyboard is another matter.) My 33S keyboard feels decent to me, although not up to the standards of past models, and does not miss keypresses. Perhaps you have a defective unit, I would not hesitate to call HP and get a warranty replacement.