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New RPN Calculator? - bill - 09-02-2004

I bought an HP 33s a few months ago and so far so good. I'm thinking about buying another one - just in case HP discontinues the RPN calculators again.

My question is - are there any other model RPN calculators coming down the pipeline I should wait for?

Thanks in advance,

Re: New RPN Calculator? - bill platt - 09-02-2004


OpenRPN (Not HP).

Go to WWW.openrpn.org

33S has some serious stupid bugs.

Re: New RPN Calculator? - John - 09-02-2004

Think about this for a minute.

If there were any new HP RPN calculators coming, anyone who knew that would be unable to talk about it.

Re: New RPN Calculator? - yak - 09-02-2004

perhaps i msiss something, but why?

Re: New RPN Calculator? - John - 09-03-2004

I find it hard to believe you don't understand.

Imagine that HP has told you that next month, they are releasing a new HP42SX calculator. They told you this because you have been beta testing it. In order to do this, you had to sign a legal document where you agreed not to divulge any information about the product before it is released.

Now, someone comes on the forum and asks "When is HP coming out with a new product?"

If you even think about saying anything, you will probably never get to work with HP again, probably get a call from their lawyers, and hurt HPs present sales, which does them and us ultimately no good.

So, as these questions are always answered here, anyone who might know is of course unable to say so if they ever want to know anything in the future.

And, no, I have no knowledge of any upcoming HP RPN calculator, but that doesn't mean there aren't any coming. How could I prove a negative?

Re: New RPN Calculator? - Bob - 09-03-2004

In the world of Product Development, news of a new product being released only helps you when your competitors either could not possibly mount an effective effort to blunt the impact of your product or your product is so superior that you are confident in it's ultimate success. In this case, it is called publicity.

If the news gets out too soon, bad things can happen to new products.

The protection of intellectual property, budget, development status, and marketing plans is paramount to a new product's success. It is serious business with lots of money, careers, and fates of whole companies at stake.

That is why CDA/NDA's are so critical to a this process and why no one is going to talk out of school.

Re: New RPN Calculator? - Patrick - 09-03-2004

But HP deliberately announced the development of several new calculators last year. This is apart from the leaks, which folks here also knew about. This was from HP itself, so the original question is valid, I think.

But, no, there hasn't been any official or unoffical word of a new RPN machine, to my knowledge.

Re: New RPN Calculator? - Gene - 09-03-2004

And since HP announced this, you've had the 49g+, 48gII, 33S, and 39g+. Depending on the timing, the 49g+/48gII may have already been announced, but that still leaves the intro of the 39g+ and 33S.

I certainly HOPE for more HP calculators, but there have been RPN calculators announced (33S) since HP's statement.

Re: New RPN Calculator? - John Limpert - 09-03-2004

One calculator that has been announced, but AFAIK not introduced, is the 19BII+, the replacement for the 19BII.

Re: New RPN Calculator? - Gene - 09-04-2004

Was that actually announced by HP? I thought it was leaked from somewhere and then placed on the hpcalc.org site.

I just don't remember. However, if someone can point to a specific statement BY HP and not just leaked material posted to a site, then that might change my mind.


Re: New RPN Calculator? - John Limpert - 09-04-2004

See http://www.seodots.co.kr/hp19bii.html for a picture of the calculator. I've seen similar pictures elsewhere. Enough HP dealers have the calculator listed that I believe it is real. I suspect that HP's dealers get advance product information that is not released to the general public.

Since the 19BII+ is the only clamshell calculator in the product line, HP may have had trouble finding someone to build it.

Oh, I've seen the pictures... - Gene - 09-04-2004

Oh, I've seen the pictures, but nothing that I remember from HP saying it was coming.

Again, a picture of a potential product (and a drawing at that) apparently was leaked a good while ago, does not equal a product that is late or promised but now not delivered.

For all I know, HP may introduce something like these leaked pictures, but then again, since they haven't announced that, they may not.

It is certainly the case that since HP said they were going to introduce new calculators, even new RPN calculators, they have introduced the 49g+, 48gII, 33S, and 39g+.

And, hopefully more to come!