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HP32S 50th edition? - John - 08-30-2004


Limited edition? Doesn't look like it to me! What think all of you?

Re: HP32S 50th edition? - Randy Sloyer - 08-30-2004

50th edition? Not!

Needs the gold badge on the top right and the text on the bottom of the keyboard like this one:

Edited: 30 Aug 2004, 11:39 p.m.

Re: HP32S 50th edition? YES - HERE: - Joerg Woerner - 08-31-2004

I placed independent from this message yesterday evening one on eBay:


Viele Gruesse, Joerg

Best Regards, Joerg

Re: HP32S 50th edition? YES - HERE: - Namir - 08-31-2004

Hi Joerg!!!

Yes your auctiosayn has the real McCoy HP 50th annivery edition.

Re: HP32S 50th edition? - Randy Smith - 09-02-2004

They relisted it and just call it a Limited Anniversary Edition. What morons.