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HP11C self tests - Carlos Genders - 08-17-2004

All functions seem to work properly, except from the self test and the keyboard test. How can this happen?
Thanks for your help!

Re: HP11C self tests - Cyril RABIH - 08-17-2004

You have 39 keys in the voyager serie. When you make a keyboard test, you must press every key from the top right to the bottom left. Be aware that you must press twice the ENTER key, once when you are in the 3rd row , and another one when you are in the 4th row. Maybe this will help you.

Re: HP11C self tests - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 08-18-2004

Hi, Carlos;

can you describe how do you perform the tests and what happens then? I see Cyril describes the [ENTER] needs for pressing twice, but I'd also like to knw about the other tests. Are you having troubles starting them? If so, the best way I think for statarting them is:

Turn the calculator off;
press and hold the key for the test you want ([×], [÷]);
while holding down the 'test defining' key, turn the calculator on;
release the 'test definition' key;
This sequence may also be used for clearing all memory, where the 'test' key is [-] or with [.], to toggle between dot or comma as radix mark.

Hope this helps as well.

Let us know what you get from here, O.K.?


Luiz (Brazil)

Re: HP11C self tests - Ron - 08-23-2004

I had this exact problem once. The batteries were low. I changed the batteries, and it ran fine. Try it with new batteries.