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Undocumented functions of HP 49G - Jan - 08-10-2004

I've found in CAT menu a lot of functions not mentioned in BIG (over 1000 pages) official manual. Are there any review of usage of these functions (for example ARCHIVE, RESTORE, ->MINIFONT)???

Re: Undocumented functions of HP 49G - James M. Prange (Michigan) - 08-10-2004

Over 1000 pages? My 49G AUG has only 432 pages.

Anyway, they're in the "Other Commands" part of the AUG, pages 1-86, 1-294, and 1-230.

But note that the descriptions for MINIFONT\-> and \->MINIFONT are reversed.

Also note that some commands were added after the guides were published. See the "What's New from Release..." notes at http://etud.epita.fr/~avenar_j/hp/49.html. By the way, I recommend upgrading to revision 1.19-6 if you haven't already done so.


Edited: 10 Aug 2004, 9:01 a.m.

Re: Undocumented functions of HP 49G - Eddie Shore - 08-11-2004

The HP48 AUG is also an excellent reference, since a lot of the commands from the HP48 series crossed over to the HP49 series.

Re: Undocumented functions of HP 49G - James M. Prange (Michigan) - 08-11-2004

Yes, in fact, I don't think that there are any 48G series commands that didn't make it into the 49 series, and the 48G
series AUR also includes information on the system flags, reserved
variables, units, a few program examples, and various other useful
information. The 48G series User's Manual leaves a lot to be
desired, but it's better than the 49G User's Guide.

In general, much of the information about older RPL models also
applies to newer RPL models, all the way from the 28C through the

Despite the name, the 48gII is more like a "low-cost" 49
series model.

But the 49 series also adds many new commands and system flags,
and some reserved variables are different, so don't neglect the
49G AUG, and get Federico Marziali's documents on reserved names
and system flags for the 49 series, all available at

But note that the 49g+ guides are in many ways better than
the 49G guides, although there doesn't seem to be any guide published for the 49g+ including
all commands. But except for the I/O and
memory ports, and that the Saturn processor is actually an
emulator on the 49g+, the 49g+ is very similar to the 49G, so for either of these,
it's probably best to download the documentation for both.

The 48G Series manuals (scanned in PDF files) are also available at
hpcalc.org, but note the file sizes before starting a download;
they'll take a while if you have a dial-up connection.

web site
also has some rather basic but useful information.
page of 49g+ "How to use" articles
, for example.