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Please Help!!!!!!!! - f15e - 08-04-2004

In the following code at this link:

Simultaneous Solving Code

I have tried to run the program but I don't seem to getting anything from it and I have made sure 3-4 times that the code had been entered correctly, which it was.

I know I have to enter the coefficients before I run the program (XEQ S) but where do I enter them at? I tried XEQ I and XEQ J, but nothing. Can someone please walk me through this program; not the code, just using the program? I would greatly appreciate someone giving me an exact run through with a 3X3 example.


Edited: 4 Aug 2004, 10:07 p.m.

Re: Please Help!!!!!!!! - Ben Salinas - 08-05-2004

Alright, I have never used this program before, but what you need to do is store your coefficients in those variables. For example, for the A coefficient, you STOre A.

The answers will be on your stack, and you will have to rotate your stack to see them all (The R up arrow button, and R down arrow).

See if that makes some sense.

Also, if you are trying to learn the 33s, you might try reading some of the Learning Modules available at http://www.hp.com/calculators/scientific/33s/

These go through everything step by step (in RPN and Algebraic) and will help you better understand the calculator.

-Ben Salinas


Re: Please Help!!!!!!!! - f15e - 08-05-2004

Thanks Ben!! The program in the hp 33s manual has it to where you press the XEQ A key and then you are prompted for each coefficient, but this program is different.

I now am able to use this program. I was trying to find the keys that would prompt me, but now I know I must enter the number then STO the number to the letter. Still more learning about this calc. to go.

Thanks again.