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People become crazy about HP15C - Walter B - 07-27-2004

Look at this: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=5710930993

Do our discussions in this forum support this? People seem to think still the HP15C is the best they can ever get ...

Re: People become crazy about HP15C - Namir - 07-27-2004


The buyer for that HP15C has zero feedback, meaning they are new and eager in more than one way to buy an item and establish a higher fedback rating. Buyers like that usually overpay for items. My guess is they lack former sales statistics that tell them about the average going price. In the case of the auction you mentioned the buyer paid about triple the average price!!!


He hates HP calculators...;) - Marx Pio - 07-27-2004

Asking 520 USD for a 15C doesn't means the vendor will sell it...He said in the ad he doesn't like hp calculators. He coul throw it away in my bin. ;)


the buyer has zero feedback ... yesssssss ... - Emmanuel - 07-27-2004

Don't be fooled by this kind of auction.

The zero-feedback buyer is quite certainly a second (or third...) account from the seller himself. This fake buyer has only one aim : make the auction rise artificially.
What happen next is that this fake buyer "wins" the auction; and within minutes of the end of the auction, the second (real) buyer in the bidding list receives an offer from the seller to buy his calc.

Re: People become crazy about HP15C - Ann Onymous - 07-27-2004

That's right, I'd never exchange my 15c for any other calc you might offer.

Perhaps you should try one yourself.

Also, people here tend to be astonished when someone pays big money for such and such calc. That's thinking small, as if everyone out there had your very budget limitations, if you can't or won't spend $500 on a calc, then surely no one does.

Nonsense, get real. There are people who think nothing of forking out $500 or $5000 for some gadget whether it's worth it or not, as long as they fancy it and someone happens to have it available. And I'd say that people fond of HP calculators of old tend to be wealthy enough and successful enough in their careers that there would be some that would act so.

Re: Re: People become crazy about HP15C - Walter B - 07-27-2004

Hi Ann (?)

by the way I've got an HP15C already.

Re: People become crazy about HP15C - Chris Woodhouse - 07-27-2004

I have noticed on ebay that even when an item is still in production and can be purchased at most any major vendor that if somewhere in the item description are the words "new in the box", ebayers will often go insane with bidding and pay far more than they would if they bought one new.

In the case of the auction you mentioned the buyer paid about triple the average price!!!

Since this only the second 15C still in the box that I have seen on ebay, I don't think you say it is triple the average price. For a collector having the box may be worth a lot. The price the only other 15C that was in it's original box I saw on ebay went for a similar price.

Chris W

Re: Re: People become crazy about HP15C - Ronald - 07-27-2004

Present high bider, Hawaianprincess only registered July 25, 2004 .....................

Re: People become crazy about HP15C - Jim L - 07-27-2004

A few years ago when Educalc was closing down there was a period of several months when people where buying Educalc's old HP stock and reselling it on ebay. A lot of things were going for more than 10 times Educalc's posted prices. Since then I've noticed several dealers sensibly switching to ebay-only selling.

Maybe someday everyone will sell only on ebay and a "like new!!!" Honda Accord will cost about $200,000. ;-)

Stuff tends to go in waves on ebay too. Prices go sky high, more dealers appear, prices crash, supply dries up. It's like the normal economics of supply and demand but ebay seems to magnify the effect.

Re: People become crazy about HP15C - Namir - 07-27-2004

The can get THREE HP-15C for $500 .. that would be three times as impressive!!!

Re: People become crazy about HP15C - Dia C. Tran - 07-27-2004

Somehow I never did like the 15C or any of the Voyager models. If I did I would have bought them when they were available new.

Your paranoia is showing - Mike - 07-28-2004

You say:
"The zero-feedback buyer is quite certainly a second (or third...) account from the seller himself. "

This, while certainly possible, is pure nonsense. If you want to verify this, contact the 2nd bidder.

You know very well that many people pay very high prices for a MINT calculator. We even have some here that have paid $500 for just a box.

I think your "paranoia" is showing. Why? Because 2 other people bid over $600 and one of them had 67 feedback. 4 people bid over $500.

Edited: 28 July 2004, 4:51 p.m.

Re: Your paranoia is showing - Jim L - 07-28-2004

Maybe I'm missing something but since the purpose of a shill is to get people to bid higher, doesn't your message just show that either it's a successful shill or not a shill?

no! - Mike - 07-29-2004

You comment is meaningless. Of course it is one of those two.

The point of my post is that I believe it NOT, NOT, NOT to be a shill bidder. The bid is only about 3 times an average priced 15C. But this one is MINT. Thats not an unusual bid.

We see calculators go for 5 and 6 times their value all the time on ebay.

Re: no! - Jim L - 07-29-2004

"You comment is meaningless."

It's been nice chatting with you.

Re: People become crazy about HP15C - westridge_cz - 07-30-2004

Hmm, I don't think the buyer for that one had zero feedback, I checked on the bidder list for the auction mentioned http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=5710930993 and saw that the buyer had 9 feedbacks. I didn't realize it before but when I checked again on the previous 15C auction that ended up with a similar amount, the winning bidder was the same person http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=5708821652 So I guess he's building a collection of mint 15C's. Now I'm wondering, though, if that "gunsnsnakes" guy was a shill bidder, because someone pointed out that "hawaiianprincess" didn't register until July 25th!

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