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HP48 case - bill - 09-27-2000

What are the dimensions of the HP48 case? Don't shoot me, but the slide cover on my TI-83 (required for class, not my choice) doesn't stay on any more, poor design. I want to buy a case from HP if it will work.

Thank you


Re: HP48 case - John (Norway) - 09-27-2000

The 48 has dimensions 3-1/8 x 7 and fits rather tightly in its case.
A good alternative would be a 41 case, which takes up to a 3-1/4 x 7-3/8 calculator, depending on its thickness.
I prefer the 41 case for my 48 (zipper and belt loop for field use...).


Re: HP48 case - kynes - 09-27-2000

A TI in an HP-case? What a sinful idea... ;-)

Re: HP48 case - Steve (Australia) - 09-27-2000

I understand in increaces the value of the TI calculator :-)

Re: HP48 case - td - 09-27-2000

It doubles it! At least. ;-)

Re: HP48 case - db - 09-27-2000

and what wouldn't?

Re: HP48 case - Dia C. Tran - 09-27-2000

TI calcs didn't come with cases for quite some time. Now the HP calcs don't come with cases either. The cases must be worth more than the calcs