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Very Interesting S/N - thebullcabinet - 07-15-2004

I came across a 48GX with an S/N of ID14001100. I may have missed something, but I think 3322 is listed here as the lowest known non-proto number. Have I misunderstood something? Can anyone explain this number?


Re: Very Interesting S/N - Raymond Del Tondo - 07-15-2004


you may have mixed up serial number formats.

Yours is a very recent unit from 2001, with the serial number schema

which HP uses since the mid nineties.

For serial number formats, please check on the appriorate subpage (from the main page) here in the museum.

The link is her:



Re: Very Interesting S/N - thebullcabinet - 07-15-2004


Of course. I must have looked at hundreds of S/N's. Why it threw me off this time, I don't know. I guess it was just late. Thank you, Raymond.

Re: Very Interesting S/N - Scuba Diver - 07-15-2004

As an aside, does anyone know when the serial number format changed?

I always thought it was the start of 1997, however I recently purchased a NIB 48GX with serial number 3702SXXXXX.

What's the earliest new-format S/N out there? Or alternatively, what's the oldest old-format S/N?


Re: Older S/N's - Randy Sloyer - 07-15-2004

1997 Singapore SC710nnnnn and
1997 Indonesian ID703nnnnn

are the earliest I have in that format. I think we can conclude there was concurrent production from the two sites.

FWIW, the last Singapore date code I've recorded is SG730nnnnn, in the older format 3708Snnnnn, only two weeks difference of the new format.