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HP 110+ - Ray - 07-09-2004


I have recently aquired a HP 110+, and it has a HP-IL Interface on it. I was wondering if there was any HP-IL software that will run on it (Trans41?). I software packages that can act as a controller, talker, and emulate mass storage functions. Does anyone know of any software (free, preferably) that will perform these functions on this system? If so, where can I get it?

I can't seem to get Trans41 to work on it, so unless you have a solution to that, I don't think it is an option.

In adition, since I rarely mess with these devices, does anyone know how I would go about transfering a application to it? Also, (off-topic somewhat) does anyone know of a standard terminal application I can get for this little laptop that can communicate with CISCO routers? (This requires little more than the basic functionality you find when setting up a connection in windows HyperTerminal.

Thank you, and I appologize if this is a little off-topic


Edited: 9 July 2004, 9:31 p.m.

Re: HP 110+ - J-F Garnier - 07-12-2004

Hi Ray, you may be interested by my Emu41 ported to the HP110+, see:


Re: HP 110+ - Ray - 07-13-2004

Yes, that would be excellent. My main question is, how would you go about transfering files to this thing? Through the serial port?

Help appriciated,


Re: HP 110+ - J-F Garnier - 07-14-2004

If you mean transfering the Emu41.exe and ROM image files, you can use serial port, or (easier) HP9114 disc drive if you own it.

Note that Emu41 for HP+ is a special version (regular Emu41 will not run properly). Contact me for availability (see my email addr on my site).


Re: HP 110+ - Ray - 07-15-2004

Ok, I think you've sold me... However, I can't seem to figure out how to USE the serial port to transfer data. I have no clue how to use the built in Terminal Utility... Help please? (I'm clueless when it comes to serial, what programs and/or cables would I need?)

Thanks in advance.

Re: HP 110+ - Tony Duell - 07-16-2004

One thing to be aware of is that the HP110 and HP110+ serial ports, while being DE9 sockets, do not use the PC/AT pinout. You need to make up a special cable.

The 'HP end' really needs to be a moulded plug cover to fit correctly, so I ended up buying a DE9 plug to DE9 plug cable, cutting it in half, and soldering DB25 plugs to the cut ends. Of course you might need null-modem adapters, etc as usual to link this cable to a PC (or whatever).

I can look up the HP110/110+ (they're the same) pinouts in the service manual if anyone needs them.

Re: HP 110+ - Ray - 07-16-2004

That would be a great, if you could get the pinouts for me. Thanks for your help.

Re: HP 110+ - Tony Duell - 07-16-2004

OK, here you are. 1=DTR, 2=TxD, 3=RxD, 4=RTS, 5=CTS, 6=DSR, 7=Gnd, 8=CD, 9=RI
It's wired as a terminal (DTE), so pin 2 (for example) is an output.