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Dave's Numeric Series - Glynn - 09-17-2000

This is to ask Master Curator Hicks what may be a dumb question, but I thought I'd ask:

I really like the Articles Forum and the Memories Forum, but I fear I must have missed out on some of the articles/postings... because the numbers corresponding to these show some gaps.

What did I miss? :-) And what happened to them?

The more that gets put up here, the more I want to read... (A selfish and greedy attitude on my part, but there is a lot of valuable information here, and I hope none of it is susceptible to "disappearance".

So what's the story on the numbering? :-)

Re: Dave's Numeric Series - Steve (Australia) - 09-17-2000

I think you'll find that articles that are deleted and re-entered (I've done that myself to revise one or two of mine) result in numbers being lost.

Also, occasionally innapropriate things are posted there and Dave (Oh mighty webmaster -- may all his links remain umbroken) removed them.

Also, I think that the articles and the memories share a common numbering (but I may be wrong)

Re: Dave's Numeric Series - Dave Hicks - 09-17-2000

Steve's answer mostly covers it except that the numbers in the two forums are not mutually exclusive.

The numbers are simply meant to provide a shorthand so you can refer to "Articles forum #71" instead of "Some information on the CCD-Rom -W&W CCD A or -W&W CCD B in the Articles forum"

Some of the big blocks of missing numbers are from me testing out the text formatting features and then deleting the articles.