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Where did HP build the 95lx in ''91??? - Bruno Geuth - 06-15-2004


My HP95LX was build in the U.S. in September '91 week 36.
(Serial number ABB3136A01037.)

I know that HP moved production of Palmtops to Singapore in '95.
I can also guess that HP headquarters moved from Orlando to California at some point in time.

Question: Where in the U.S. has my 95LX been build in '91?
(State, city etc.)
How many 95LX's did HP build each week?
How many 95LX have been build/sold in the complete career?
When exactly was the 95LX discontinued? ('95 or '96???)
Thanks a lot for your help!

Bruno Geuth

Re: Where did HP build the 95lx in ''91??? - Raymond Del Tondo - 06-15-2004

I think they were made in Corvallis, Oregon, since there was HP's mobile computing center back then.
AFAIK the first (aka REAL) OmniBooks were developed and made there, too.