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HP48GII - Iqbal - 06-13-2004

Just received my HP48GII and I am very pleased with the keys. It's excellent. I haven't gotten a missed key the entire evening. Only problem is the 80K memory.
But the keys are 100% better than the 49G+.

Re: HP48GII - J.C. Randerson - 06-14-2004

Just out of curiousity, what are the 1st couple of serial number digits on your unit?

Re: HP48GII - Iqbal - 06-14-2004


Too good to last - Iqbal - 06-19-2004

Keyboard problems. Numbers 1,2,3, the + and the F key are dead. So much for that.

Re: Too good to last - . - 06-20-2004

Whoever is in charge for HP's quality control should be kicked very hard.

Re: Too good to last - Frank Knight - 06-21-2004

Well, when it comes down to it, Carly is in charge of Quality for HP.