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OK, this is just plain silly - Jim Creybohm - 06-12-2004


Last bid was 105 dollars? For a non-working 41?


Re: OK, this is just plain silly - Arnaud Amiel - 06-12-2004

My 41 also has an ear of the side door that is broken. Is this a common problem?
Anyone having a spare one for cheap?


How do you come to that conclusion? - Mike - 06-12-2004

Based on what is stated in the auction, I don't see how you can think this is necessarily a bad bid. $100 for a 41CX that might be fixable and in excellent condition, doesn't sound like a bad deal.

If the battery contacts are good, the calculator can likely be repaired very easily.

Perhaps the bidder asked questions. That is the #1 thing that bidders should do, before bidding.

Some of my best buys are broken items.

PS: The real problem is that tom3151 is simply running up the bid, 4 days before it is necessary. That is the problem with bidding early. It just runs the bid up. However, even if he waited 7 days, the bid would still be at $100+. Since he didn't become the high bidder, you can bet the final bid will be higher than the current bid.

Edited: 12 June 2004, 11:50 a.m.

I have tunnel covers - Mike - 06-12-2004

I have lots of these tunnel covers. However, I don't sell these. I have too much use for them and they are hard to find. Send me an email with your address and I'll send you one free.

Sorry, can't give everyone one. He gets one only because he was first.

Edited: 12 June 2004, 1:48 p.m.

Not silly at all - Randy - 06-12-2004

IMO, that's not far off the average for a dead, good shape fullnut CX. I've seen them as low as $80 and as high as $150. Once you think you have figured out eBay prices, an auction will come along and leave you scratching your head. Here was the last one I saw: A Very Expensive Manual I've seen decent 15C's with both manuals sell for less. Seems like prices have ratcheted up in the last two to three months. Funny, I thought the 33S might lower prices on more recent LCD models. How wrong I was...

Re: Not silly at all - martin cohen - 06-12-2004

It is definitely weird.

I saw a notice on comp.sys.hp48 about an HP IR printer (model 82240B) for sale on eBay, and ended up getting it for $38 plus shipping!!

Now if only I can get a $100 42s.

Re: OK, this is just plain silly - Calckidd (USA) - 06-13-2004

I got a "won't power up" 42S for $50. on Ebay last year. Seems it just needed fresh batteries!

Better than Christmas!

Re: OK, this is just NOT plain silly - Meindert Kuipers - 06-14-2004

I won an auction for a non-working HP41CV last year at 40 Euro's (about $50). Opening and closing the case fixed it!


Re: I have tunnel covers - FELIX G. MARRERO - 06-15-2004

Mike, I am one of your customers on Ebay. I purchased a set of batteries to rebuild the pack for my 41cx recently. It worked beautifully, thank you. I am willing to purchase a tunnel cover and up to four port covers if you have any available. I read your string on the copied photo and agree with you. Stick to your guns, your argument has merit.