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HP9815 paper?? - marais - 06-08-2004

At the risk of sounding stupid: Does anybody out there know what kind of paper the 9815 needs? Any chance to buy a suitable replacement, or to cut one from a still available paper? Any hint highly appreciated!


Re: HP9815 paper?? - Katie - 06-08-2004

NCR makes this. It's 165' x 2.25" thermal paper and you can get it at most of the on-line office supply places. Staples has it here: http://www.staples.com/Catalog/Browse/Sku.asp?PageType=1&Sku=226290

It works perfectly in the 9815.

Re: HP9815 paper?? - marais - 06-09-2004

Thank you Katie! I'll order on my next trip to the States, as Staples Europe does not list the item. There's hope for my 9815!

Re: No more NCR paper??? - David Smith - 06-09-2004

The last time I went to Staples, Office Max, and Office Depot NONE of them carried the NCR paper anymore. They had all replaced it with various private label store brands. Some looked like it came from the NCR source (same paper core and markings on the end of the roll), others were from obviously different sources.

I know the NCR stuff was very compatible long term with all the HP machines. No telling about whatever they are shipping now. There is the possibility (probably small) that it could damage the printheads.

Re: HP9815 paper?? - Claudio - 06-13-2004

Hi, I cut a standart thermal fax roll, it works great.

Anyone have a user manual for a HP9815?




Re: HP9815 Manuals - Vassilis Prevelakis - 06-14-2004

I have scanned both the 9815 Owner's Manual (Operating and Programming Manual) and the 9815 Quick Ref (Guide to the HP 9815) and have sent them to Dave Hicks.

However I am missing pages 1-4 from the keyboard section of the 9815 Owner's manual. If anybody has the missing pages, pls
send them to me so that I can add them to the manual.

Best Regards


Re: HP9815 Manuals - marais - 06-14-2004

...I hope to have mine next sunday. I'll report.

Re: HP9815 Manuals - marais - 06-22-2004

Ok, got mine. Upon a closer look it seems that the thermal paper is exactly the same used on the 82240A/B printer. Could anybody confirm this?
Anyway, I got the complete manual, it is in german however. If you're still interested, I'd scan the 4 pages you were asking for. I would need your email address then.


Re: HP9815 Manuals - Katie - 06-24-2004

You can use the same paper as the 82240 printers use, they're just shorter than the rolls that normally go into the 9815A. The IR printers use 85' rolls while the 9810/9815/9825 use 165' rolls. NCR makes (I think that that still do) 2.25" thermal rolls in both of these lengths that work great.