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HP Deskjet 5850 color inkjet - Nick - 05-13-2004

I bought this printer 1-2 months ago and was working fine until yesterday evening, the printer dissapeared totally (not exactly). I can't see it anymore in the printers list and can't add any new printer anymore telling me each time "can't complete the task" so even conecting an old one was refused to install I started manually the Spool to be sure but couldn't resolve it, I went to the device Manager and I can see the printer there! 5800 series it said, but can't delete it anymore (whatever I try, even in safemode) It says it is being Used by windows on startup I checked but can't seem to find it in any startup menu, it's Windows XP Home edition.

I went to the HP site but there is no information on my problem for that printer, the HP Deskjet 5850 color inkjet is my model. I can format but would be great to avoid this...

Thx for helping.