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OffTopic: I need a SHARP Manual - Tizedes Csaba [Hungary] - 05-09-2004

Hello, where I can find a manual for SHARP EL-735 financial calculator? Can anybody send one to me via ICQ? (My number is 347034200 - ZilogR)

Thank you!

Re: Manual( check at www.mywizard.com) - Harrington(USA) - 05-09-2004

if that doesn't work I have another site devoted to sharp organizer and calculator

mywizard.com - Tizedes Csaba [Hungary] - 05-10-2004

Hello Harrington,

thanks your answer, but it seems to me, the mywizard.com is deal with SHARP organisers, not with calculators...

What is your another link?


SHARP EL - Harrington - 05-11-2004

did you look at link there? check this site I'm sure you have been there www.sharpusa.com they have manual there for down load