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German Website Help - Steve S - 04-29-2004

Is there someone here who can read technical prose in German and who would be willing to scan a website for me? I am trying to ascertain if Stolte-EDV is still selling HP-compatible RAM cards (they've got excellent prices). Their website has German and English variants, but the English version appears to be down. Looking at the German version, I can't translate enough of the text to be sure of anything.

I've also e-mailed, but have received no response, so I'm either being ignored or they are not actively in business. Perhaps the website explains this, I can't say.

If someone could take a quick look at this and tell me what they think, I'd appreciate it. The URL is:

www.stolte-edv.com (or simply Google "stolte-edv")

Thanks in advance.

Re: German Website Help - Stephan - 04-30-2004

Good morning Steve. I visited the website you are interested. As it appears to me they got what you where looking for. On the fist tab (HP-Taschenrechner) the list an option for internal expansion cards which are enlarging the BASIC memory to 128/256KB or more. This is for a HP 48 SX7GX. The cards are usable as internal or non-proprietary memory via RAM/ROM-port. The cards have an optional write protection switch. In a SX calc you can use either port one or two for both purposes. On a GX calc port one is for both purposes and port 2 would be non-proprietary memory only. In a S or SX version you have to add the memory for good (not exchangeable) and you get a G or GX respectively as a result. The prices they announce in the adds are including labour for the calcs and you would have to expect a 5 day delivery period. I hope that the answer you are looking for is somewhere in my text. If you have a specific question please feel free to contact me again. Greeting from Switzerland. Stephan

Re: German Website Help - Frank Boehm (Germany) - 04-30-2004

The mention memory cards at some place, but they are not listed.
I guess a quick email will help a lot more than this answer ;)


Re: German Website Help - Frank Boehm (Germany) - 04-30-2004

I think these are *internal upgrades* not *memory cards*. The prices mentioned are only valid with the purchase of a new calculator - that would only make sense for internal upgrades...

Re: German Website Help - Steve S - 04-30-2004

Stephan and Frank, thank you both for your assistance. Based on both of your comments, it looks like I need to talk to Stolte directly, if possible.

As I mentioned, I tried to e-mail them once (at least I think the e-mail got to them...) but there was no response.

Stephan, could you submit an e-mail to them through their website for me? Simply say that I'm trying to contact them and give them my address, SLSeto@aol.com. If they don't respond to that, I'm going to assume that they are no longer in business.

Thank you both again for your kind assistance...

Re: German Website Help - Stephan - 05-04-2004

Good morning Steve. Sorry for answering so late. This morning I wrote an e-mail to Stolte and copied you in. Basically I told him that you are interested in Memory cards that you weren’t able to reach him and asked him to send you a mail. I hope we have any success. Let me know if it worked out. Read you soon Stephan

Edited: 4 May 2004, 2:47 a.m.

Re: German Website Help - Steve S - 05-04-2004

Stephan, thanks again. We'll see what happens...