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HP-41CV battery pack - Paul Kronfield - 04-24-2004

Arghhh! My venerable 41CV battery pack just gave up the ghost. Reading previous threads here, I realize I really don't need rechargeable. Where can I get the alkaline battery holder for my old buddy?

Another questions: what do they make today that is comparable to the 41CV. I really like RPN, and have surveying packs and other software that I like and want to continue to use.

Re: HP-41CV battery pack - db (martinez, ca.) - 04-24-2004

1) You can advertise in the ads forum here for a battery holder or follow Katie's instructions in the articles section to rebuild your old one.

2) HP has been trying to make something comparable to the 41 since the mid '80s. They haven't. Don't hold your breath.

3) D'Zign software makes the best of HP's modern high end offerings for surveyors, and others have written programs for the new 33s.

4) If you buy something please review it here so we know what you know.

Re: HP-41CV battery pack - Wayne Stephens - 04-24-2004


The HP 48 GX (also discontinued but still widely available) makes an excellent survey computer/data collector. There is a company in Maryland called RAMSS (www.ramss.com) which has a very nice survey package for the 48GX. They also sell hydrology/hydraulics software for the 48GX.

RAMSS has been around awhile, and at one time sold survey software (and a LARGE extended memory module) for the 41C. Unfortunately, they began selling these items at about the same time HP stopped selling the 41C series.

Good luck in your pursuit of a suitable replacement for the 41C.

Take care.


Re: HP-41CV battery pack - Paul Kronfield - 04-25-2004

Well.. a little good news. I went over to the lcoal Interstate battery service center who rebuilt my rechargeable battery pack for $12.98. They used AASC0994 1.2 V 100mAh NiMH 1/3AAA CE batteries.

The old HP 41 is back to working like a champ!!

Isn't $12.98 less expensive than the original battery pack was from HP? And they have a full 1 year warranty for the batteries.!!

$18.00 - Wayne Stephens - 04-25-2004

I have a box from an original battery pack. It has an $18.00 price tag on it from the "Portland State" bookstore. So yes, $12.98 is cheaper than the original price.


PS - If you are a surveyor, and you haven't tried out a 43GX, you should. Even if you intend to keep on using the old 41C.

Re: $18.00 - V-PN - 04-25-2004

"PS - If you are a surveyor, and you haven't tried out a 43GX, you should. Even if you intend to keep on using the old 41C."

That I read: 48GX

I would love to see a 43GX...


Re: HP-41CV battery pack - Karl Schneider - 04-26-2004

Paul --

Good to hear that you got your 41CV fixed instead of "throwing in the towel" on it.

Just curious: How many "AASC0994 1.2 V 100mAh NiMH 1/3AAA CE batteries" were used for the rebuild? The non-rechargeable battery holder takes 4 1.5V "N" cells, which are readily available in electronics departments, but not generally at regular stores.

I still think it's worth it to get a battery holder from a scrapped HP-41. The rechargeable batteries are economical and convenient only if the user employs the HP-41 extensively to drive peripherals -- something that probably hasn't been done much since the mid-80's, when PC's became commonplace. You might advertise on the MoHPC Classifieds.

The HP-41CX (1983-1990; fullnut until 1985; halfnut afterwards) would provide a modest upgrade to the 41CV, with time functions and extended-memory functions built in as well as more-convenient catalog listings.

There are plenty of HP-41 experts on this Forum; I personally have an early fullnut 41C, a halfnut 41CV, and a late fullnut 41CX, plus a few peripherals and ROM Pacs.

-- Karl S.

Re: HP-41CV battery pack - Paul Kronfield - 04-26-2004

I still have somewhere an IL loop, wand, tape drive, three printers, two card readers, survey pak, home management pak (great checkbook balancer), and even other stuff. I actually used the 41C and printer to produce navigation pre plots for ships operating in the S.China Sea, and even used it for survey navigation on a minefield clearance project in Egypt's Gulf of Suez in 1983.

I really loved my suite of HP gear.

Re: $18.00 - Wayne Stephens - 04-26-2004

Sorry. That was due to my very poor typing skills.

Take care.


Re: $18.00 - David Smith - 04-26-2004

If you would love to see a 43GX, just take one 48GX and a sharp object. Scrape the left edge of the "8" off and voila... instant 43GX.