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OpenRPN board goes live - hugh - 04-21-2004

Hey all, the board went live last night. I still have some graphics to update, but everything is otherwise ready to go. It's hosted by one of my good friends as a directory, so don't let the name throw you.


I'm accepting suggestions for what distinct forums should be made beyond what I already have up there. I look forward to seeing you all there.

Thanks!! - Wayne Stephens - 04-21-2004

Thanks, Hugh.

You have been putting a lot of time and effort into this project and I wanted to let you know I appreciate it. I am not sure what I can offer the project. I am a Civil Engineer, not an electronics guy or a programming genius, but if you need any help, just place a post here (or on the new site), or email me, and I will assist where I can.

Take care.


PS - I will definitely be there to purchase the end product, you can count on that.

Re: Thanks!! - hugh - 04-21-2004

You're very welcome, and any contribution you can make is appreciated. We need as much input as we can get, as I want the most ideal calculator possible. Feel free to jump in and help whenever you have an opinion, knowledge, or even just an idea ( the crazier the better ).

Thanks for your contribution and interest in the project. I promise I won't let anyone down.

Re: OpenRPN board goes live - Nelson M. Sicuro (Brazil) - 04-22-2004

The site is now telling "The requested URL /OpenRPN/index.php was not found on this server."...


Best regards,


Re: OpenRPN board goes live - V-PN - 04-22-2004

The site told me the thre was error in registering...


Re: More thanks... - DougT - 04-22-2004


I feel obligated to offer some additional words of encouragement for you and the other dedicated OpenRPN folks. Like Wayne, I'm a non-electrical engineer (aerospace in my case), but I'm eagerly following the project as it progresses. I'll be glad to offer my opinions, when appropriate, and help out if I can. I'm definitely looking forward to being one of the first purchasers of a fresh, new RPN calculator.



Registration/Posting issues - hugh - 04-22-2004

I'll also post this up on the OpenRPN board. We are currently aware of error messages in signing up/signing in/ signing out/posting. Despite the error messages, everything is physically working... But there are a few lines of code we need to patch up. Thanks to all for pointing this out to us quickly.

In the meantime, don't be discouraged. The board will stay up, although you will get occasional errors which don't actually mean anything.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Re: More thanks... - hugh - 04-22-2004

A ha! I can certainly find a use for you, Doug. I'm attempting to use as much knowledge as I can in aircraft instrumentation (since everything is made to be high contrast, reliable and useable). Also, the materials being used for construction come from the aerospace industry.

I have so far focused on using aluminum for the entire case, but I am also considering titanium (although it will most definitely be more expensive... probably just make it an option).

If you wouldn't mind reviewing some of the designs, it would be a big help! Also, some of the manufacturing processes being explored (high pressure water cutting, etc.) may be to your liking. Please join in. I encourage anyone to use what skills they possess to improve any aspect that your training lends itself to.

Re: More thanks... - Jim Creybohm - 04-22-2004

I'd kinda like to second (third?) my thanks for displaying the initiative necessary to go forth with this project. I'm really looking forward to seeing some of the concept vehicles that come out of the discussions.

I also can render only modest assistance, being an oil engineer, not an electrical/electronics type.

In the meantime, I have some ideas (never let common sense or rationality deter) - I'll just have to post them on the board!


Re: More thanks... - V-PN - 04-22-2004

"I have so far focused on using aluminum for the entire case, but I am also considering titanium (although it will most definitely be more expensive... probably just make it an option)."

Some mobile phones and some notebook PC manufactures seem to use magnesium...


Materials - Richard Karnesky - 04-22-2004

A nice Al alloy is probably the best bet due to price, strength, and weight. Mg is also a very good choice. Even lighter, though more expensive. It has been somewhat popular in automotive/aerospace because of this, though is used more frequently in laptops & the like. Ti is starting to get heavier & I wouldn't think it would be worth the cost. Some are considering using bulk metallic glass (amorphous metal) for consumer electronics. Cool, but expensive.

I would think the cost of using more than a single material wouldn't be worth it, especially when it dwindles the size of an already small production run. I would go with your first choise of Al. It is sound.

But I'd also probably keep plastic in consideration--it is inexpensive & lightweight. Metal does have a "wow" factor & it would add durability, but I am more willing to pay for the way the calculator functions.