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Exploded batteries - Lance Pierre - 04-15-2004

After leaving my 48G with batteries for about one year, they exploded and now the battery compartment has this whitesh deposit on it. Is there any way it could be brought back to life?

Re: Exploded batteries - Randy Sloyer - 04-15-2004

If it was keyboard up when the batteries leaked, it has a chance. The evidence will be on the removable battery door. If it is covered in a white powder, that's good, it was keyboard up. If it is clean, it was keyboard down, not a good sign as the electrolyte gets into the keyboard through the lower battery tab and usually destroys the decimal, spc and + keys.

You can try cleaning up with a q-tip dipped in a 50-50 solution of vinegar/water. Let it soak for a while and follow up with plain water to rinse.

Re: Exploded batteries - Steve S - 04-15-2004

I agree with Randy, with one minor difference.

I once had the batteries in a rare type of remote control leak, coating the spings and metal contacts. Because I couldn't just replace the RC, I set off to restore it as best I could. I wrote to Duracell (I believe it was) and asked for their recommendation. They suggested a ~5% solution of boric acid in water, followed by a quick rinse with deionized (or distilled) water.

It turns out that the actual concentration of the boric acid solution isn't overly critical. I just mixed up an approximate guess at the concentration and IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM! The electrolyte was completely removed and the metal parts were left with only a slight amount of surface corrosion and discoloration.

I've not tried vinegar, so I have no opinion about it. But I can recommend the boric acid, it worked great!

PS If you have to wash the foam rubber pieces, be sure you rinse them well. Have a hair drier handy and use it to GENTLY Heat the washed are to accelerate the drying. Don't let it get too hot!!!

Re: Exploded batteries - Paul Marin - 04-16-2004

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