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Nonpareil 0.32 - Eric Smith - 04-11-2004

I found and fixed a bug in the pointer increment/decrement instructions, and now the HP-32E and HP-37E seem to work correctly in my simulator. I've released Nonpareil 0.32 which now includes those models.


Nonpareil 0.33 - Eric Smith - 04-13-2004

Yet another new release, 0.33. The display code has been completely reworked in preparation for merging in HP-41C and Voyager support. The comma (digit group separator) for Spice now works. (You can swap the period and comma in the KML file.)

Random observation: it's annoying that they did away with partial key sequence prompting in program mode in the Spice series. For instance, with the HP-25 if you press "f" in program mode, it displays "14" (the keycode of "f") on the right side of the display. Similarly for "g", RCL, STO, and GTO. But the HP-33C does not do this. Of course, they brought it back in even better form in the HP-41C.