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HP95LX palm - manual and price - Tizedes Csaba - 04-06-2004


know anybody where can I find manuals for this machine? And what is the real price of this computer? (Just the machine, in used condition, but looks well, and works well.)

Thank you!

Re: HP95LX palm - manual and price - Holger S. - 04-07-2004

You don't really need a manual for this baby unless you want to use the Lotus spreadsheet software. Otherwise, it has a comprehensive help system but it is really easy to use - I never needed the manual of my 100LX.

Prices for a 95LX without goodies such as a SRAM card should be in the 20-30 Euro range at ebay, sometimes even cheaper. Without the card, however, the 95 is not so useful. There's no way to install TP or Word in the limited internal memory.