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Late April joke - Daniel Diggelmann - 04-02-2004

See this:

Cheers Daniel

Re: Late April joke - Matthias - 04-02-2004

Juppy, we are all millionairs it this becomes the new price of this system. Economic slump has stopped...


Re: Late April joke - Raymond Del Tondo - 04-02-2004

Did you notice that this seller began with his April jokes a while ago. when he started auctioning those HP-41 books for a BIN of 200 Euro . LOL:-)

At least he has too much money to spend on auction fees...



Re: Late April joke - Daniel Sancho - 04-02-2004

I think it´s not a joke, I find is a fair price compared with other auctions, like empty boxees :-P

Of course I can not (and I will not) pay 750€ for this machine with all this accessories.


Re: Late April joke - David Smith - 04-03-2004

I never met an empty box I did not like...