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Did someone forget? - Dave - 04-01-2004

Where is the calculator of the year????

I can hardly stand not having a new design to drool over and speculate about.

Lets go, there still is time, the day is not over yet....

Are you talking about... - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 04-01-2004

... the newly designed HP3SII? Well, I thought tyhose NDA's people are signing and agreeing not to talk about should be enough to keep the secret.

Well, for as long as I was told, the newly designed HP33S has a new keyboard design: instead of a "V" shaped keyboard, now it's a "^" (upsided V) shape, so it would "lift up" the bad image it passed in the first moments. I guess that the rumors about not destroying the "V" shaped keyboards and keeping them to redesign the X-Pander are getting bigger... At least there will be no need to hammer these keyboards for once, right?

There is more, but I'll allow others to add the complementary information. And I can see that, sadly, the definitive dealine - April 1st - to relaunch the HP33SII was not achieved. Too bad... 8*(

For the records: whatever is written in here is true for the current day, unless others can prove it is not.

Best regards.


HP-13C Ultra-Platinum Super-Voyager - Britt - 04-01-2004

I read that HP division of Kinpo is going to release the HP-13C Ultra-Platinum Super-Voyager this summer. It will effectively combine all HP-12C, HP-15C, and HP-16C functions inside a HP-71B style case with a 256 color display (still one line). It will have 128Mb program memory (but no PC interface) and an IR printer port (but no IR printers are planned).

I read this in something called a “non-disclosure agreement” but it has is too much lawyer language in it for me to understand the rest of it. I think I’ll send it back without signing it.

Re: HP-13C Ultra-Platinum Super-Voyager - Matthias - 04-01-2004

It´s April first, isn´t it?

Re: HP-13C Ultra-Platinum Super-Voyager - GE (France) - 04-01-2004

Nah nah nah you're all wrong.

The true TRUTH is that HP will soon release the HP6P, the programmable version of the highly regarded and esteemed top-bottom-level model which was so much praised in this very Forum not so long ago.

It is a Karce rerun, see the original here :

The TRUTH, I told you.

Actually . . . I think someone COULDN'T forget! - Paul Brogger - 04-01-2004

Since at least two of us (and yes, I include "me" in that august group) called H-P to actually order one of Dave's fanciful beasts, he's probably going to be very shy about coming up with another!

Yes, I'll confess to being pathetically naiive, and to have not looked closely enough to notice, for example, the "HALT" "CTCH" & "FIRE" commands. But I swear it wasn't me that got all surly on the phone with the poor H-P salesperson. (I'm nice gullible, not nasty gullible!)