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TI Blasphemy - hugh - 03-29-2004

Have a gander at this:

Considering who some of Kinpo's other bedfellows are, I have to wonder if that double-length "=" key will show up with ENTER on it in the not too distant future. Imagine that case in black with amber and blue shift keys... Mmmm... sounds good.

Re: TI Blasphemy - Bill Wiese - 03-29-2004

Good looking calc, overall ergonomics seem OK.

But double-size [=] key, to be a good RPN [ENTER], has to be ABOVE the [0]-[9] numeric areas...

Bill Wiese

San Jose CA

Re: TI Blasphemy - hugh - 03-29-2004

Hehe, not for us voyager series devotees. I'll take my enter key vertical.

Re: TI Blasphemy - Tom (UK) - 03-30-2004

Take a look at the HP6 - this has a double width '=' key. So it shows that it's not that hard to do.