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HP 33s - Joe Edwards - 03-25-2004

Might anyone know if HP ever released or is still planning on releasing the HP 33s? I gave up on the new HP calcs last fall when I needed the 33s, but I still have a morbid curiosity. Thanks.

Re: HP 33s - Namir - 03-25-2004


HP has sold pre-launched units of the HP33s to Walmart.com. These limited units were all bought out and a few are being sold on eBay for a pretty penny. According to some eBay auctions walmart.com will get more units on April 16. So hang in there buddy! More HP33s on the way!


Re: HP 33s - Brooks Rownd - 03-26-2004

Read the extensive coverage of the first arrivals in the archive from a few weeks ago. Got my 33s sitting right next to me. Satisfied so far, and the price is right. Most vendors won't have any for a few weeks yet.


Re: HP 33s - Steven Soto - 03-27-2004

Walmart.com now has them in stock.

Re: HP 33s - Warren Lavery - 03-27-2004

Are you sure? I just checked Walmart and it says they are temporarily out of stock.

Re: HP 33s - Steven Soto - 03-27-2004

You are correct. Previously, the 33s did not even show up. Now it does, but it shows out of stock. I guess I got excited when I saw it there.

Re: HP 33s - David Schweiger - 04-07-2004

I have some of these, brand new (unopened). If anyone is interested let me know.