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15c values - bill platt - 03-22-2004

Is this a new record?


Re: 15c values - George - 03-22-2004

Looks to me like the 15C emblem is even missing!

Re: 15c values - Marx Pio - 03-22-2004

Who is gonna pay 440 USD for a 15C? (a) Stupid (b) Idiot (c) Both

Re: 15c values - Trent Moseley - 03-22-2004

My wife says she loves the bedspread the calc is shown on.


Re: 15c values - bill platt - 03-23-2004

Perhaps this is something of an abberation. Note that the acution inflated in a bidding war between just two players: Yankeemo and RafaelGuerra, the latter winning. Yes, the emblem is definitely missing!

Note also what other stuff the winner is buying: EXPENSIVE fountain pens and watches---this guy LOVES nice stuff and is willing to pay for it (I love fountain pens, too, but I prefer to find them in junk piles....and I used to use them every day before the computer was invented!).

Note also that the highest bid outside these two players was $250, which is still high? for missing an emblem. Very interesting.


Re: 15c values - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 03-23-2004


The HP logo IS missing, indeed!

Would that be a good reason to cancel the sale?

I'd "undo" it!


Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 23 Mar 2004, 1:14 p.m.

Re: 15c values - Norris - 03-24-2004

It's possible that the market value of old HPs may spike as April 16-17 approaches. Those are the dates for the NCEES professional licensing exams for engineers and surveyors. The April 2004 exams will be the first where the new calculator restrictions are in effect.

Tens of thousands of people are currently preparing for these exams. It's safe to suggest that thousands of examinees nationwide have been forced to set aside their banned HP 41, 42, 48, or 49 series calculators, and have been in the market for other NCEES-compliant RPN models.

Most of these people have probably found alternative calculators by now. But if you haven't, then your options are very limited, since the 33S is still not generally available. An old HP model from eBay may be your last hope.