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hp71 death, please help! - t-bone - 03-18-2004


my 2 hp71s stopped working. I was not using them for a while because I was using my 41s and when I wanted to power them up, they were simply dead!
One show the system prompter and is not sensitive to any key and the other does not show anything...
do you think they are really dead or is there a way to wake them up?

Thanks in advance,
All the best,

Re: hp71 death, please help! - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 03-19-2004


have you tried any memory reset procedure? Or simply keep them without batteries for some time? I've been using four rechargeable NiCad's (Panasonic P-4SPA, 250 mAh) and if I leave them inside the HP71 after completely charged (intelligent, 3-hours full charge charger), they usually keep it "alive" for about two months; after the Low Batt indicator is ON, they rest no more than a couple of days, computer OFF. The first time I used the rechargeable batteries, I simply let the HP71 stored for about three weeks after extensively using it for a couple of weeks. It did not turn ON even after charging the batteries.

If you have the Owner's Handbook, have a look at pages 273/274 and try the [ON][/], [1] or [2] and [ENTER] to initialize it. If it's not enough, you can try removing batteries and keep [ON] key pressed for some seconds. You may see that 30 seconds is suggested to be enough to cause a Memory Lost condition (p. 274).

Let us know if you succeed.

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 19 Mar 2004, 12:09 a.m.