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HP41 Emulator Application Card for HP48GX - Garth Wilson - 03-15-2004

Michel Peltier, a French HP-41 enthusiast I met on the internet, is asking about some things I'm not familiar with. The text below should be a pretty good translation of his questions.


I have a HP41CX and a HP48GX.
I bought a HP41CV Emulator Application Card HP82210A (for the HP 48 SX)
and the HP 8224A infra-red module which is also used to control the HP82240A.
The HP 41CX feed the HP82240A printer just fine.
The HP48 GX controls also the same printer...
but the HP41CX and the HP 48 GX do not communicate with each other !
Could somebody help me? Thank you in advance for any answer.

Re: HP41 Emulator Application Card for HP48GX - Matthias - 03-15-2004

Sorry, but your HP41 Emulator Application Card is possibly not a GX, but SX one. There was no release of a GX card, although there is a patch that let´s you work with the SX card on a GX...
I only know a very few persons, that own a real GX card....

Re: HP41 Emulator Application Card for HP48GX - Marc - 03-15-2004

Hi Matthias,

What about the patch mentioned ? I'd really like to test it on my GX (works fine on my SX, of course).

Thanks a lot !

(deleted post) - deleted - 03-15-2004

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Re: HP41 Emulator Application Card for HP48GX - michel Peltier - 03-15-2004

Can you give me precise details to get this patch? Thank you very
much. Michel.
Pouvez-vous me donner des précisions pour me procurer ce patch ?
Merci Beaucoup.

Re: HP41 Emulator Application Card for HP48GX - Dia C. Tran - 03-15-2004

I have never been able to use the emulator card on the GX. I am certainly interested in the patch. Both the GX and SX can capture the print out from the 41 IR module without any problem using the INPRT program . I Garth is thinking of 2 way communication then no It won't work.

Re: HP41 Emulator Application Card for HP48GX - Robert Graulich - 03-15-2004


it would be very nice, if I also could use my emulator card on the GX model. I already tried that, but putting it into a covered port has problems.


Re: HP41 Emulator Application Card for HP48GX - Matthias - 03-15-2004

As I know, the HP-41 Emulator card uses fix address points to jump at your SX. These addresses are not equal to the GX, so that´s why this card does not work on the GX. The patch must patch these address jumps to dynamic addresses. This makes the card much slower.
I do not have this patch, sorry. But if someone has it, please let us know it´s source.


Re: HP41 Emulator Application Card for HP48GX - Raymond Del Tondo - 03-15-2004


as Matthias mentioned, there was a patch version of the card image which let the emulator software run and display on a GX.

Please note that this patched version is only a hack of a few critical reserved RAM addresses. You can start the emulator on a GX, and maybe do some calculations, but you won't be able to use most of the other features of the program, like advanced functions, menus, or FOCAL progams.
And, of course it uses fixed addresses. Therefore you'll have to store the patched version at the start of port 1 in the right order to even run...

Regarding INPRT: As some other posters mentioned, the information traffic is one-way: From the IR printer module of the HP-41 to the input IR diode of the HP-48...

Regarding availability: The patched/hacked version of the emulator software once was available on some bbs, or maybe one of the Goodies Disks, I'm not sure.

Raymond (blank stare) (Ok, this was something for the die-hards;-)

Re: HP41 Emulator Application Card for HP48GX - James M. Prange (Michigan) - 03-23-2004

I know that I was able to copy the equation library card for the 48SX to a 128KB RAM card, and it worked just fine. Maybe the BUPORT program? Anyway, it was on one Joe Horn's Goodies Disks, which are available at hpcalc.org. What I'm thinking is that it ought to be possible to copy the 41 emulator code from the ROM card to a RAM card and change any entry points that need changing.