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HP-21S Quick Reference Card scanned - Gordon Dyer - 03-14-2004

Hi, I have noticed that the HP-21S manual and Quick Reference Card seem to be rarer than most. I found myself one in good condition so I can offer to send anyone a scan of the QRC if you need it.

Re: HP-21S Quick Reference Card scanned - Walter B - 03-16-2004

Hi, thx for your offer. Please send a scan to me. I got a HP 21s without docs and found it hard to find out how the more sophisticated functions work. Thanks in advance!

Re: HP-21S Quick Reference Card scanned - Neil - 03-16-2004

Since the subject of the hp 21s manual comes up again and again and again (including a request by me sometime ago), I would like to point out a link I finally came across where the complete hp 21s manual is available. I hope the webpage owner does not mind.

Here's the link:-

HP-21S Manual available! - Walter B - 03-17-2004

Neil, thanks a lot for your finding! I downloaded the manual and found everything readable. Gordon, thanks for your input, it pushed the solution. So after all, one gap is closed finally.

For further users, I suggest this manual to be included into the collection of this museum, if the owner of the website agrees.

Thanks again!