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Hp 42s Replacement (hp 33s?) - Craig - 03-03-2004


I used to have a hp 42s, which was a fantastic calculator, but got stolen and I couldn't get another (new). I have a hp 48gx, but I'd like to go back to the old 42s. I've seen that a hp 33s just come out, and I'd like to know what I would be missing out on if I got a hp 33s over a 42s?

Does anyone have any idea if hp will ever replace the 42s? or is the 33s it?


Re: Hp 42s Replacement (hp 33s?) - Ben Salinas - 03-03-2004

Perhaps if the 33s is successful, HP will like the idea of remaking the old calculators. It is a cheap way of making "new" calculators.

As of now, I see no reason why the 33s shouldn't be sucessful; let's just see if people decide to buy it. If the prices on ebay say anything about the quality of a product, HP has a pretty good product.

If the 33s does good, I would expect (though I wouldn't hold my breath) a 43s, and maybe a remake of a 11c or 15c.

If not, then at least I can dream.

-Ben Salinas

Re: Hp 42s Replacement (hp 33s?) - Jeff - 03-03-2004

You will be missing out on quite a lot with a 33s vs. a 42S. Some of the enhancements include:

- unlimited number of data storage registers, using alphanumeric names, within available memory. The 33s is limited to something like 27 or 33 registers.

- unlimited program labels, using alphanumeric names, within available memory. The 33s is limited to something like 26 or thereabouts.

- the 42s has far, far superior complex number display and calculating capabilities.

- the 42s has significant built-in matrix capabilities.

The 42S has numerous other advantages over the 33s. This is not meant to denigrate the 33s, it is a nice little calculator, and fine as a somewhat enhanced follow-up to the 32sii. Aside from Ben and myself, there are many other that hope for the mythical 42sii or 43s. I'm not holding my breath, I'm not sure if there is a big enough marketing niche between the 33s and the 48gii.

By the way, if you have a 48gx, you do have an option. A Forum contributor known as HrastProgrammer has created an emulator of the 42S that runs on the 48gx. You need at least two 128K memory cards, one for each slot, but it provides an exact reproduction of the 42S, with some enhancements, on your 48gx.

HP-42S Replacement is a 42S - Raymond Del Tondo - 03-04-2004


you forgot to mention two major advantages of the 42S, compared to the 33S:

1. The overall keyboard layout with a real ENTER bar.

2. The 42S housing dimensions are smaller than those of the 33S, and thus the 42S, like all Pioneer machines, fits into more pockets.


Re: Hp 42s Replacement (hp 33s?) - Brooks Rownd - 03-04-2004

One has to wonder why they didn't chose to "clone" the 42s instead of the 32sii to make the 33s? It shouldn't have cost much/any more.

Re: Hp 42s Replacement (hp 33s?) - Antoine M. Couëtte - 03-04-2004

Mar 04 , 2004

Hello Craig ,

Having recently being in a similar situation - my HP41CY went dead - I fully agree with Jeff's advice to take a look at Hrastprogrammer's ( http://hrastprogrammer.tripod.com ) emulator for HP42S on your HP48GX .

Although I do not know personnally his HP42S Emulator for HP48GX , I do know his Emulator for HP41 and I am enthusiastic about it .

You may search on this same forum the thread " 040301 Re: replacement for 41CV, Antoine M. " Kermit " Couëtte - 1 Mar 2004, 11:29 a.m. " which gives you more insight on the quality of Hrast's work .

Good luck ,


Re: Hp 42s Replacement (hp 33s?) - Thorsten Kril - 03-04-2004

There are also some advantages of the 33s over the 42:

- Support of fractions.

- Metric unit conversions.

- Better contrast display.

- Menus are less nested, so often there are less keystrokes for a certain function (at the expense of a more crowded keyboard).

- More memory (at least in theory, because of label limits).

- 4 Cursor keys.

- Faster.

The 33s is also cheaper to replace if it breaks, but this of course has nothing to do with the merits of the calculator, just HP's ignorance.

Edited: 4 Mar 2004, 2:56 p.m.