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49g memory dump - troy - 03-03-2004

Moments ago, I was saving formulas in my 49 when I got an error saying 'Insufficient memory'. Then the screen went blank and it beeped whenever I pushed any bottons. I was locked out so I removed the batteries. It then asked if I wanted to recover the memory, I said yes. After a few moments everything was gone. Can anybody help? I had over a year's worth of work and class-related items saved and now they are gone.

Re: 49g memory dump - James M. Prange (Michigan) - 03-03-2004

Sorry, I very much doubt that there's any way to recover anything that
you had in the home dirrectory, port 0, or port 1 and wasn't backed up
elsewhere, although port 2 is non-volatile and anything that you had
there should still be there.

I don't know what caused the problem, but if it happens again, try a
keyboard warmstart (ON and F3 together), and if that doesn't work, force
a warmstart with a paperclip in the reset hole in the back. (no, a
hardware reset doesn't clear your variables). Remove the batteries only
as the very last resort, or if you really do want to completely clear
the home directory and ports 0 and 1.

From now on, back up the home directory, port 0, and port 1 to flash
(port 2) occasionally. Also do some backups of everything that you
really want and can't get elsewhere to a PC, because your calculator can
fail, be lost, stolen, or destroyed.

By the way, be sure to use the latest ROM, version 1.19-6, available at
http://etud.epita.fr/~avenar_j/hp/49.html; it has a reputation of
being more stable, and certainly has some nice enhancements and several
bug fixes.