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49G problems - troy - 02-26-2004

I have been wasting a ton of time on the following problems, so I thought I'd give the message board a shot:

1). How can I get ALL the flag options to be visable? Right now, when I go into MODE>FLAGS I can only see flags 01, 02, 03, then 14, 19-22, 27-29, 31....

2). I cannot update variables by pressing the left arrow and the variable soft key. Also, I have noticed that when I want to return the only name of a variable by entering 'varname', it returns the value.

I'd appreciate any help!!

Re: 49G problems - Arnaud Amiel - 02-26-2004

The flags you don't see are either not use, this is the case of -4. Or they are coding something, flags -5 to -10 code the size of binary numbers from 1 to 64 bits.

As for the variable problem I don't know what is wrong. Make sure to use the ['] key before typing the name.


Re: 49G problems - V-PN - 02-26-2004

No way you can get all the flags visible

you may recall them using RCLF and then set your calc in BIN mode

You are in ALG mode?

Press [MODE] and check to RPN


Re: 49G problems - troy - 02-26-2004

I am in RPN mode, and I am typing ['] before the variable softkey. However, it actually evaluates the variable when entered. I can only update my variables by going through the file tree and selecting 'Edit' - very time consuming!!

Re: 49G problems - troy - 02-26-2004

I think I found the problem. I wasn't releasing the LS key before pressing the variable soft key! Thanks for the help!