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There are still deals out there! - bill platt - 02-26-2004


Re: There are still deals out there! - ned - 02-26-2004

the auction ended 20 minutes after it started, and it was won by ebay user burlin, who seems to do nothing else but bid on hp stuff. At the risk of seeming slanderous, ebay is pretty much ruined by 'professional' bidders.



My last 2 calcs were $1 - Michael Meyer - 02-26-2004

Yes, some get snatched up quickly. BUT... my last two calcs went all the way to the end of the auctions, and only cost $1.

One was a TI-83 Plus, advertised as a "TI Multifunction Calculater". The blurry picture sure looked like a TI-83 Plus, and it was. (I did want one to play with, but had been waiting for a bargain).

Next was an HP-49 that "doesn't turn on". Went for a dollar. All it needed was the "short the battery" trick, and it works fine.

It takes patience, but there are still bargains out there....

Re: Did somebody say deal? - gifron - 02-26-2004

Check out these deals, all from the same seller.








Re: Did somebody say deal? - Joshua Belsky - 02-26-2004

I feel bad for the seller. He could've made thousands of dollars. I suppose it's his fault for not looking at completed auctions before he started his own.

Re: Did somebody say deal? - Neil - 02-26-2004

A few months ago I saw an auction for an HP 42s in very good condition which had "Buy it Now" for $6!. Needless to say, I clicked and "bought" it immmediately. Within a couple of hours, I had mails from 2 guys who gratulated me on such a good deal. I really thought I was a lucky bastard, but the thing is, the auction was for USA only, and normally I mail the seller and ask him if he/she is willing to ship overseas (I live in Sweden), but there was just no time in this case and I really couldn't let the chance go by. Well, I mailed the seller and explained that it really isn't much hassle to ship overseas, but he refused point blank to ship it to me. He subsequently put the calc up for auction again and got around $200 for it.

Bummer. - Michael Meyer - 02-26-2004

I wish I could offer, but I just don't have the time, but do you have any friends/family in the U.S. that could act as intermediary in this kind of situation? Might be good to have something like that in place so you don't miss the next $6 42S... :(

Re: Did somebody say deal? - Michel Beaulieu - 02-26-2004

I don't know for you but i feel a little jealous about buyers and at the same time sorry for the seller... No? I think he finnaly realize he could have been millionnaire and the last one he is selling is not a buy it now... I think he will made more money from this one thant all the 10 or more he sold for 25-45$...

Re: Did somebody say deal? - Mark Hardman - 02-26-2004

In case you were wondering, the auction was bona fide. I took delivery on my two HP-32Sii's on Monday. Both units had never been opened though both boxes were fairly battered. The only defect was that one of the manuals was not in its original shrink wrap.

When I saw the seller offering the items B.I.N. at $45.00, I assumed that he had only one to offer, had no idea what it was worth and had mistakenly re-posted the offer many times. I took a few minutes to talk myself into taking the risk.

If I had not hesitated I might have snapped them all up. As it was I was only fast enough to get two of them.

Not to gloat but I also pulled down a $10.00 B.I.N. HP-27A from an uninformed seller two months ago.

Should I feel guilty? No. I've paid a premium on too many other eBay auctions. Its about time I got something back. I do feel sorry that the sellers neglected to research the going prices of what they wanted to sell.

Mark Hardman

Houston, TX

Smells to fishy..er, good...to be true (nm) - Brooks Rownd - 02-27-2004