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hp33s Missing RPN - Colin Lambert - 02-22-2004

Have you compared the photo of the 33s posted by Paul Brogger with the ones previously available (eg. Wallmart current advert). Sorry I dont know how to post links to save you the time searching.

Look at the top left, below the screen The 'ALG' & 'RPN' markings have dissapeared and have been replaced by 'ENG' & '~ENG'.

I believe this was the only visable evidence of it being an RPN calculator (except for give away 'enter' key).

Obviously HP changed their mind about openly marking as being an RPN calculator.

Re: hp33s Missing RPN - Massimo Gnerucci (Italy) - 02-22-2004

RPN and ALG are on the "y^1/x" key (second row, fourth column) in Paul's photo.


Re: hp33s Missing RPN - Colin Lambert - 02-22-2004

Well enough hidden then HP - I missed it!!!!!!!!