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HP75 82718A Expansion Pod - Johannes Mueller - 02-22-2004

Can anybody tell me how I can remove the 82718A Expansion Pod from my HP75? I bought a HP75D with expansion pod but want to use the computer only. Thanks for your help.

Re: HP75 82718A Expansion Pod - Steven Kutoroff - 02-22-2004

I asked the same question under similar circumstances a few months ago.

The 75D sits on the pod and is attached to it on the sides by the plastic side assemblies. These are attached by 3 screws each, remove the 3 screws on each side (one side has two other screws to leave in place). The pod is connected to the 75D by a cable into an expansion bay. It is all easy to do.

Be prepared to loose all your memory, or keep the AC adapter connected.

Only problem is that the batteries are in the pod and you will not have a battery cover for the naked 75D.

The memory in the pod is very handy.

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Re: HP75 82718A Expansion Pod - Emmanuel, France - 02-22-2004

Dear Johannes,
If I remember well, you have to remove 6 screws on the back side:
|* * |
| |
|* * |
| |
|* * |

Thus turn the pod, remove the 2 plastic side parts (#1-#2),
plug the module/cord (slot3) out
and you get your HP-75 free.

| | | |
| | HP-75D | |
|#1| |#2|
| | | |
| |slot#1 slot#2 slot#3 | |
All right?

Edited: 22 Feb 2004, 10:29 a.m.