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Problem with 48G+ - Gobin - 07-09-2000

I just got a service replacement [48G+] from HP and I transferred some programs to my 48G+. Problem is after using it for a couple of minutes, it started to go crazy, the screen looked as if part was working and part was not, a set of lines came up on half of the screen and then it just went blank.

Re: Problem with 48G+ - Tom Lianza - 07-09-2000

You should post this question on the comp.sys.hp48 newsgroup. The experts are all there and they are very friendly. It sounds like a library issue, or a hard failure. If you still have the manual you should find out about doing a "hard" reset. This will erase all your downloaded files, but it should bring the machine back. It is usually done by holding down a key or sequence of keys while turning the machine on. The guys on that news group can help you.