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The occasional buying tip - Kobayashi - 02-15-2004

Beware of used Voyagers that show an outward dent or dimple on the left side of the display. This indicates that the unit has been opened and the screw underneath overtightened by some "I-can-fix-it" bloke.

Better yet, avoid altogether.

Re: Voyager damage - Randy Sloyer - 02-16-2004

I must disagree with you, the original 1/4" long screw cannot reach the front.

Two possibilities exist.

One: The "I-can-fix-it" bloke replaced the original screw with a longer one and then preceded to drive it into the trim.

Two: The "I-can-fix-it" bloke dropped something into the screw hole and then drove the screw home.

FWIW, most of the distorted faceplates I've seen with a dimple on the left side have been due to crush injuries. It is from the entire boss being driven into the bezel from behind, not the point of a screw. Being sat upon is bad for any calculator, overstuffed brief cases do their share of damage as well. Voyagers with this kind of damage should be shaken. If anything inside the calculator rattles, avoid them as you'll find the heads broken off of lots of heat stakes - which leads to very soft keys. You can glue them back into place if you must.

Edited: 16 Feb 2004, 8:56 p.m.