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Questions RE HP49G+ and HP17BII+ - Eddie Shore - 02-13-2004

Is there a way where I can bring up Numeric Solver App with a program command? It is for a business program/library I'm doing for the 49G+.

Is this worth the $90 (to add to my collection)? I've read some positive and not so positive reviews on it.

Thanks in advance,

Re: Questions RE HP49G+ and HP17BII+ - Francesc Casanellas - 02-13-2004

I do not know if I understand well your question about the HP49G+ but here is one answer:

Write your equation. Then write << 'EQ' STO 30 MENU>>

The soft keys of the solver menu will appear.


1. simple equation (capacitor discharge): << 't/RC=LN(V1/V2)' 'EQ' STO 30 MENU >>

2. Two equations (use "next" soft key to see the other):
<< { 'I=Vs*(1-EXP(-t*R/L)/R' 't/RC=LN(V1/V2)' } 'EQ' STO 30 MENU >>

3. Put the variables in the soft keys in the order you want (voltage divider):
<< { 'V1/(R1+R2)=V2/R2' } {V1 V2 R1 R2} 'EQ' STO 30 MENU >>

Re: Questions RE HP49G+ and HP17BII+ - Eddie Shore - 02-13-2004

Cool. The program will be useful. Thank you.

Out of curiousity (sp?),
Can I envoke the Numeric Solver screen, like the screen you get when launch the Finance Solver?





Re: Questions RE HP49G+ and HP17BII+ - Francesc Casanellas - 02-13-2004

You should use the command INFORM. It is not easy to use and the infect HP manuals do not help.

Refer to the HP 48G Advanced User's Guide or to "Programming in User RPL" of E.M. Kalinowski, available in www.hpcalc.org

Re: Questions RE HP49G+ and HP17BII+ - V-PN - 02-14-2004

<< -72.31 KEYEVAL >>


Re: Questions RE HP49G+ and HP17BII+ - Dave - 02-17-2004

<< #32002h FLASHEVAL >>

17BII+ - Scuba Diver - 02-19-2004

Eddie, I see that you asked a question about the 17BII+. I ordered one just before Christmas. It sits in my laptop bag and I take it out when I need to perform some quick calcs. As far as a feature-to-feature comparison, they are almost identical. The only things that I noticed are:

-The testing menu is easier to use; you can select from various tests (like KBD or IR) from a menu, instead of remembering the keying sequence. In addition, the keyboard test lets you test in any order, which is nice.
-The currency exchange function (from the 19BII) has been added to the menu.
-There may be a bit more memory (I think it might have an extra K) but it's nothing material.

Now that I've talked function, let's talk form.

The case is much nicer then the late-model Pioneer cases. Also, the screen is bright with good contrast and clarity. Unfortunately, the calc seems much lighter than the old 17BII, and "feels" cheaper when you hold it in your hand. The colour scheme is OK, but I find the small enter key a problem.

As far as "bugs"; The "1" and "2" keys sometimes don't register, so I have to keep my eyes on the display (something that I'm not used to doing with older HPs). Also, after two weeks, it simply wouldn't turn on. I removed the batteries to no avail. Finally, I pushed the reset button, and it worked. It's been fine ever since.

I use a 12C at the office, and 17BIIs and 19BIIs for school, and to be honest, I'd take the "original" over the new one any day. Having said that, old HPs are harder to find, and are quite expensive, so if I was Joe Public (in other words, not a collector), I would buy the 17BII+.

In short, I wanted to get my hands on one, and when the 19BII+ comes out, I'll probably buy one too. It's great to keep around for quick calcs (plus, if someone steals it, I won't be heartbroken), but when I'm writing my finance exam, give me a 12C or a 17BII/19BII!!

Hope that helps!
P.S. Anyone have news on the 19BII+? Any idea if and when it will be released??? What about pictures?

Re: 17BII+ - bill platt - 02-19-2004

I seem to remember something posted a few weeks or months ago about the "let" and "get" functions being missing from the 17bii+. Is this true?

Also, notice how little interest there has been on this forum about the release of the new business model 17bii+-----the 12c platinum received a lot of attention (possibly more because it was the first release since the demise of ACO) but the 17bii+ sort of came and went ho-hum.

I wonder why this is the case?

Re: 17BII+ - Eddie Shore - 02-25-2004

I recenetly acquired the 17BII+ two weeks ago and I am impressed with it. I had a chance at an old 19BII vs. the new 17, but opted for the new 17 because of memory and it was cheaper, and it came with a manual. I've been a serious HP calculator user for about a year and a half.

I also sometimes have problems with the "1" and "2" button, especially the "1". That bugs me because it bars me from hit the keys really fast. I really like the RPN and Solve features of the HP17BII+. Thankfully, my 17BII+ never crashed (knock on wood), unlike my 49G+ several times (until ROM 1.23? was downloaded).

The other beef I have with the 17 is that the lack of typing aids. OK, I can handle programming trig functions, but the keyboard could have been utilitized a little more, maybe a catalog of programming functions. But I'm used to the Alpha edit now.

About the various tests, what do you mean I can test from KBD or IR? Just curious.

Having also owning a HP48G and a recently acquired HP20S, I can tell the differnce in keyboard feel. I have to agree with you, I like the feel of those two better.


No idea, Bill. - Eddie Shore - 02-25-2004

And I am amazed that the HP17BII+ got slashed on amazon.com (0-2 stars from most consumers). This is a good product. (especially for a first HP finance calc user like me!) HP17BII+, honestly, blows the HP12C away.