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HP-01 Lore - William Smith - 02-10-2004

I peruse EBay HP-01 listings and there seems to be this legendary Saudi Prince who bought a large number of HP-01s. There is an HP-01 for sale now where the seller states that this is a myth. Is there any truth to this Mythical Prince? When does he ever wear all of those HP-01s?

I own a SS HP-01 and consider it one of my very best gadgets (and I have many cool gadgets). I dont wear it, but keep it on my desk and occasionally use it for date arithmetic. It is amazing what HP was able to put into the '01 and its brilliant features always inspire me to write greate code!

Re: HP-01 Lore - Jordi Hidalgo - 02-12-2004

I first read this story in Wlodek's guide. It seems to go back to this posting by Bob Niland (of HP Fort Collins).


Re: HP-01 Lore - RR - 02-12-2004

And I believe the Half he refers to is the amount of Gold Hp01's that were made ie 1000-1500 gold Hp01's is more in line with what the legendary Saudi prince bought.

I believe this paticular story because it is circulated by Hp employees as well.

Re: Lore??? - Prince Abdullah Mohulla Said Sayed - 02-13-2004

Unbelievable! You have found me out! Aaaagh!!

As punishment to all, I will be unloading all 1500 of my gold -01's, so yours won't be worth anything - HA HA HA HA HA HA... As a guesture of good will though, I am willing to buy your pitiful, soon-to-be-common watches for $75 each. You had better sell them to me now, before they are totally worthless.

PS I also have US$49,000,000 I need to get out of my country. Please provide me with your bank account number, so I can transfer the money, then you can keep half.


Re: Lore??? - Nenad - 02-13-2004

Your Royal Highness,

I am glad that I may help you, as I have already helped my other friends many times in the past. Here is my bank account number:

Central Bank, Lagos, Nigeria

IBAN 581585511300554946

Would you please send me the whole amount of money immediately, as I really need US$ 24,500,000 to finally win that HP41CX on the eBay.

What I am going to do (please, do not tell anyone) is bid exactly this sum or a few $ above and watch other bidders building the price up, especcially during the last 2-3 minutes. I will not be too disappointed if I loose the auction; this way there is always another chance.

Hope you will not mind those few $ taken off your share (you may always sell a HP01 or two).