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model HP-19B II - Joe Turai - 02-06-2004


Do everybody have such a model I described in the subject, once again: HP-19B II Business Consultant II.

As I heard this model does not exist any more 'cause the production has been over

I would buy one if everybody does have it but want to buy a new and comfortable one
(I'm living in Eastern Europe, in Hungary, Budapest)


Re: model HP-19B II - Classic Calculators - 02-06-2004


We are getting the HP 19Bii back in stock in about 2 weeks. We have bought up some old stock but they are new unused units with sealed manual and full retail packaging. Also 12 month HP warranty. See www.classiccalculators.com or: tinyurl.com/37m4g

We are in the United Kingdom

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17BII is megfelel? - is 17BII good, too? - Tizedes Csaba - 02-07-2004

Kedves János!

Ha egy 17BII is megteszi, a Deák téren, a TAJTI-Music Zeneáruházban kb. 10000Ft-ért lehet kapni egyet!

Tizedes Csaba


Dear Joe!

If is 17BII good too, then in Budapest at Deak square in TAJTI-Music Store one of that is available for 10000HUF (approx. 45USD).

Csaba Tizedes

Re: model HP-19B II - Pierre - 02-09-2004

I just bought one on E-Bay and I think they are available at amazon.com.

Good luck!