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Update for "HP41UC" utility (v1.22) - Leo Duran - 01-01-2004

"Happy New Year!" to all HP41 enthusiasts.

Urged by to Giuseppe Marullo, I've added the options to de-compile XROM 23, 25, 26, and 28... instead of just 25 and 26. I've e-mailed Dave Hicks about posting the update, so it should be available soon at the "Museum".

By default, the XROM functions are decoded unless you specify otherwise:

De-compiler Options:
/x - use [ XROM mm,ff ] for all XROM Functions
/x23 - use [ XROM 23,ff ]: [ XROM 23,1 ], instead of [ COPYFL ]
/x25 - use [ XROM 25,ff ]: [ XROM 25,46 ], instead of [ X<>F ]
/x26 - use [ XROM 26,ff ]: [ XROM 26,10 ], instead of [ CLOCK ]
/x28 - use [ XROM 28,ff ]: [ XROM 28,27 ], instead of [ AUTOIO ]

Leo Duran

Edited: 2 Jan 2004, 2:18 p.m. after one or more responses were posted

Printing barcode created by "HP41UC" - Leo Duran - 01-02-2004

HP41UC can create either "Postcript" or "PCL" files, that can then be sent directly to a laser/inkjet printer (which supports Postcript or PCL, of course).

Sending a "print" file to the printer in Windows can
be kind of tricky, but there is a "freeware" utility
that does exactly that, and is called "PrintFile".
Here's a download link:


It's really pretty straight forward, give it try!

Edited: 2 Jan 2004, 12:03 a.m.

Re: Printing barcode created by "HP41UC" - Emmanuel, France - 01-02-2004

Now I print my bar codes on a PaintJet XL300 (HP made).
It has the postcript option slot. ;o)
It works slowly but surely.
However it's not handle like a ThinkJet HP2225B is.
Stupendous creation, Leo.
Thanks for all and best wishes for 2004.
Kind regards from Normandy.
Emmanuel, a.k.a. xeq41

Re: Printing barcode created by "HP41UC" - Leo Duran - 01-02-2004


The best for 2004 for you as well.

Although I prefer the "Postcript" output (quicker to print, and a bit nicer looking), the "PCL" output should work fine on most HP printers (after all, PCL is an "HP" brain-child!), including dot-matrix printers with "graphics" support.

Are you using "PrintFile" to dump the output file to the printer?

Best regards,
Leo Duran