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Some people are nuts really - Naim - 01-01-2004


Have you seen this guy willing to pay in excess of $60 for a case you can get at Calcpro for $17.00

Re: Some people are nuts really - Raymond Del Tondo - 01-01-2004


you can't get that case from the auction at CalcPro.
The HP leather cases from CalcPro are for the Clamshell calcs, like 19B or 28S, not for the Pioneer Series form factor.



Re: Some people are nuts really - sjthomas - 01-01-2004

This is from the same seller who got $325 for a 48gx. At this rate, that's going to be *some* house he's building!

But the guy that is bidding against him - Mike - 01-02-2004

The other guy (ytardif) in the auctions runs up very many auctions.

Look how he bids. He bids early and then only bids a buck or two at a time till he is high bidder. 20 or 30 bids in some case.

This just runs up the auction bid. There are 25 bids but only 4 bidders. Others see the high bid count and think it's something special.

Anyone that sees auctions that this guy bids on, knows they can get the item by only increasing the bid by 2.5%. He never bids more than the minimum. So, he runs up the price.

His keeper collection? - Mike - 01-02-2004

It's funny that everything he is selling was from his "keeper collection."

Edited: 2 Jan 2004, 10:18 a.m.

Re: But the guy that is bidding against him - Naim - 01-02-2004

Maybe ytardif is his builder :)